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CPS Framework for Teaching: Domain 3 is a Course

CPS Framework for Teaching: Domain 3

Nov 7, 2023 - Nov 8, 2023
3 credits

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Full course description

The CTUF Quest Center presents CPS Framework for Teaching (FFT) Study Groups, a session of FFT round table discussion and analysis of each of the four Domains at the element level. Participants will collaborate and focus on what they are already doing in the classroom to improve and to determine best practices to meet the “Distinguished” level for each component. Teachers will share past evaluation experiences, provide advice to each other, and troubleshoot ideas for meeting expectations. Participants will learn how to advocate for and justify their practice as aligned to the FFT. They will also prepare for future pre-and post-observation conferences by discussing their planning, implementation, and assessment, framing the conversation around the requirements of the FFT. 
The facilitator of the session, Tiffany Gore, M.Ed., NBCT, will provide suggestions, feedback, and support throughout the conversation. She will also answer general and individual questions about the overall observation process. The sessions are open only to currently practicing CPS teachers in Pre-K through 12th grade. Each session will be aligned to one of the REACH Domains. Sign up for each separately. This professional development course aligns to the CPS Framework for Teaching Domain 3.

Instructor: Tiffany Gore, NBCT

Course Date: 11/7/2023

Course Time: 5:00 PM-7:30 PM

LocationCTUF Quest Center, 1901 W. Carroll Ave., Chicago, IL 60641
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