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early learning Excited About Early Learning is a Course

Excited About Early Learning

30.0 credits

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Early Childhood education plays a vital role in laying the foundation for a student’s educational future. As Early Childhood educators, we are tasked with building and developing crucial, foundational skills in each of our children. Each year, we have students coming to our classrooms with often significant varying backgrounds - some may only recognize a letter or two while others may already be reading anything and everything. Some may struggle with essential math skills, or even just how to get along with their classmates. As Early Childhood educators, we have a great challenge in being some of our students very first teachers and helping them all achieve their highest potential, knowing that we are paving the way for their educational future and attempting to foster a true love of learning in each of them.  In this course, we will discuss some of the most crucial components of Early Childhood education and share resources, strategies and ideas for each area. I am very excited that we have the opportunity to focus on grades PreK -1st together here. My hope is that this class will have the feel of us all sitting down together, sharing ideas and best practices for our Early Childhood classrooms. To make this happen, your comments and reading of/discussing with other participant's comments will be essential. This activity is aligned with the Common Core State Standards  and the CPS Framework for Teaching Components:  1c, 1d and 2b.

Sign up for the course at Several days prior to the start of the course, participants receive an email with instructions for accessing the course. A week’s material is posted at the start of each week.  Participants are expected to read content and review various resources, write replies/answer questions, share experiences, and engage in discussions with the course facilitator and other participants.  None of the assignments are completed in "real-time;" you can work at the times that best suit your own schedule.  
Course Dates: 2/9/2019 through 3/7/2019
Time: Any time!  24/7 on your schedule
Coupon: Use the code CTUF50 on the Teacher’s Teacher website for $50 off 2020 classes!
In order to receive any credit, participants must be in attendance for the entire offering.
No refunds will be issued unless the offering is canceled by CTUF Quest Center.