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Building a Restorative Classroom is a Course

Building a Restorative Classroom

Nov 30, 2022 - Dec 22, 2022
30 credits

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Online Only | This Professional Development activity supports K-12 teachers and school support staff in creating a positive learning environment by developing a classroom culture of respect and rapport, healthy positive relationships with their students and accountability through shared agreements. Attendees will examine applications of restorative practices - restorative conversations, talking circles, and conferencing - in the school community as well as philosophical foundations of restorative justice. Participants will learn to integrate specific discussion circles into their practice.  As an extension of restorative justice philosophy, participants will also examine obstacles to sustaining positive change through an examination of workplace stress, signs of burnout, and positive coping techniques via group and individual self-care.  This professional learning opportunity is aligned to the CPS Framework for Teaching Components 2a, 2c, 3a, and 4e. 

Instructor: Michael T. Meyer

Course Dates: 11/30/2022, 12/7/2022, 12/14/2022, 12/21/2022

Course Time: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM

Location: Online at
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