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Protecting Your Voice is a Course

Protecting Your Voice

Aug 14, 2023 - Aug 14, 2023
3 credits

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Teachers use their voices all day long, and depending on the age of the students, the size of the class, and the acoustic qualities of the classroom, teachers may find themselves hoarse by day’s end or even losing their voice entirely. Participants will work with ChiME teaching artists and voice teachers to learn how to use their voice more effectively, protect it from injury, and help it heal when it’s damaged so that they can make their voice work better for them and their students.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• describe the basic physiology of the voice
• identify their own healthy and unhealthy vocal habits
• demonstrate at least two vocal warm-ups
• identify strategies for protecting their voice

This PD explores techniques teacher can use to protect their voices and use them more effectively without straining them, and it aligns with elements of Domains 3 and 4 of the CPS Framework for Teaching, namely: 3a (communicating with students), 3c (engaging students in learning), and 4d (growing and developing professionally). Additionally, teachers who have better vocal health will be able to continue teaching at their optimal level throughout the school year without compromising student learning, and students will benefit from having a model for safe vocal use.

Instructor: Chicago Center for Music Education

Course Date: 8/14/2023

Course Time: 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Location: At Chicago Center for Music Education | 1148 West Chicago Avenue | Chicago, IL 60642 | 312.738.2646
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