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Creating a Trauma Sensitive Learning Environment

Ended Dec 9, 2022
15 credits

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Full course description

This online course examines how teachers can support and nurture their students’ emotional well-being before, during, and after traumatic events in order to mitigate the impact of complex childhood trauma.  Many of our students have been exposed to multiple tragic events, often of an invasive, interpersonal nature. This course helps teachers learn to deal with the wide-ranging, long-term impact of this exposure that often results in grief and depression, adversely affecting their students’ learning and social/emotional well-being.
This course will focus on:
  • identifying psychological and behavioral symptoms of complex childhood trauma,
  • the role of the teacher after a traumatic event,
  • how to develop support systems and safe spaces for students to cope with grief,
  • teacher self-care to prevent secondary traumatic stress, and
  • the impact school and community culture has had on celebrating life to manage grief associated with death or loss.
This course will support teachers in creating a safe and supportive environment in which students feel nurtured, not only to learn, but also to express their feelings.  Participants will receive the CPS Crisis Management Manual. They also will work with the instructor to produce their own Classroom Crisis Plan. 
This course is aligned with the CPS Framework for Teaching Components 1b, 2a, 2d, 4d, and 4e.

Instructor: Michael P. Moriarty, NBCT

Course Dates: 11/7, 11/14, and 11/28/2022

Live Virtual Session Times: 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Location: Online at

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